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Hunter College High School Entrance Exam Practice Test (6th Grade)

Description, Practice Exam, and Scoring Methodology of the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam 80 multiple-choice questions, 1 writing assignment, with an answer key, in-depth answer explanations for every question, and an answer sheet.

Hunter College High School (HCHS) is a publically funded institution that is known for its low admissions rate and rigorous curriculum. Admission to the school is determined by an entrance exam that is administered in early January. The HCHS Entrance Exam is mainly composed of multiple-choice questions that test a student’s English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematical skills.

Additionally, there is a writing assignment that will require a student to write a personal essay on a specific topic or subject. The student is given three hours to answer all of the multiple-choice questions and write the personal essay. Since the only entry year for HCHS is seventh grade, a student must be in the sixth grade to apply and take the entrance exam.

This book includes one full practice test for the HCHS Entrance Exam, an answer key, an answer sheet in the back of the book for the student to bubble in his or her answers, information about the test, and in-depth answer explanations that review concepts and offer practical strategies that students will need to know for their upcoming exam. Understanding the content and format of the HCHS Entrance exam will enable a student to perform to the best of his or her ability on the actual test.