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About Us

Bright Kids was founded in 2009 with a clear vision from a mother with three kids!
Bright Kids is a full-service tutoring and publications company, specializing in test preparation and subject tutoring. We focus on a high-quality service, paired with advanced technology, to produce an unforgettable experience. Click here to visit our Bright Kids Tutoring Site!

Our mission at Bright Kids is to get your children prepared for any school admissions or assessment test (regardless of age or ability) by creating a seamless scientifically-driven approach that generates reliable results!

Over the last 11 years, we've welcomed more than 10,000 students and over 4,000 families to Bright Kids!​
  • Over 90% of our tutored students scored 90% or higher on the Gifted and Talented test compared to 10% of all testers in the general population. Of those, over 50% have qualified for citywide programs.
  • Year after year, over 80% of our students scored to get to the 2nd Round of HCES. Five to ten students are admitted each year to HCES, which has a total class of 50 kids.
  • Over 80% of our students scored a 7 or above stanone across all subjects on the ISEE or SSAT; those who worked with us saw at least a 2 stanine increase in score over just a few months.
  • Our students have the opportunity to practice tablet-based questions for the AABL; most of our students score in the top percentile of all the sections.
  • Our educators, writers, and consultants have published over 100 titles and sold over 10 million books to families who wanted to supplement their tutoring.
  • We have sponsored hundreds of students through scholarships programs or community outreach programs like the Harlem Children's Zone.

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